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Free” and “Made in U.S.A.” were the buzz words.

NORTH CAROLINA HAS ALWAYS been one of my favorite vacation destinations, particularly the Great Smoky Mountains.  I  love the states’ abundance of flowering trees, especially fruit trees, like peach, pear, apple, & cherry.  The Garden of Eden, indeed, along with its rich history of furniture manufacturers and knitting mills.

But sadly, much of the knitting has been outsourced overseas.  In the early 1980s, Jim Throneburg set out to change that, and invented the Thorlos brand, vowing Thorlos will always be made in Statesville, North Carolina.

I hadn’t remembered hearing the name Thorlos, but when an acquaintance posted Free socks offer* on a sportsmen’s chat forum, I tuned in PDQ.    A little research revealed Thorlos makes purpose-designed socks for outdoors people, tradesmen, medical conditions [diabetes], and leisure.  Their core is developing relationships with people who want/need “engineered padded socks” which reduce blisters, pain, pressures, and moisture.  Their mission is to be the very best padded sock manufacturing company in America. e751955.png.json

The DeFeet Aireator® blog posting remains one of the most popular on AmericanToolbox. DeFeets, however, are different from Thorlos.  DeFeets started out making a light, breathable sock, and Thorlos makes a heavily padded sock.  Both great American companies, but with different focus.

My free pair came today.  I chose the hiking, crew length.  My feet will be loving these socks, from an easy start through springtime meadows to the hottest August hill-climb.  And the bonus,   I’ll be absolutely stylin’ on the trails in these sage-colored socks, with my Danner Boots.  Turns out, I do have Thorlos experience, as the knitting is recognizable.  I inherited several pairs of Thorlos when my brother passed, but never knew the brand.  His collection is pushing 15- to 20- years old, and still serviceable.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 9.29.50 AM *While supplies last. One per billing address. Pay $4.90 shipping and handling. US residents only. Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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